February 10, 2012
Inspiration found; Uptown.

"My friend, Allie Kingsley, is about to become a famous writer." I’ve said that out loud to myself several times over the last few months. Often followed by a big smile or, at the very least, an extra pep in my step.

When I’m in New York, I typically try to stay in either the West Village or in Brooklyn. That’s just where I feel comfortable. However, last April I was in a jam and needed a place to stay on short notice. A close friend of mine said she knew someone with a room for rent on the Upper East Side. That’s how I met Allie.

When I showed up at her place we decided to go out for sushi. Over dinner, she told me how she’d spent the last couple years writing a novel. I’ve had a love affair with writing my whole life so, I was fascinated. We talked about the concept of her book all evening.

I rented Allie’s spare room for the next ten days. It was ten days I will never forget—watching someone finish their first novel. From the room down the hall, I could hear her groan in frustration when writer’s block hit or shriek with excitement when she had a breakthrough. What an incredible thing to witness. What a beautiful thing to be a part of. 

Allie didn’t just get a publishing deal, she signed a deal with Penguin Publishing Group. That’s huge, people! 

"THE LIAR, THE BITCH & THE WARDROBE", the novel I heard Allie screaming over for ten days, is set to hit shelves sometime around September of this year.

I’m so lucky to have several people in my life who inspire me and Allie is certainly one of them. Every time we see each other or have a phone chat I am reminded that dreams do come true.

(photo from my session with Allie for Penguin publishing Group)

My friend, Allie Kingsley, is about to become a famous writer. Man, I’ll never get tired of that!

~ Ashley

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